Lead Gen


Lead Generation 


If you’re a B2B organisation, you probably find most of your prospects are on LinkedIn. We have therefore spent a lot of time building remote teams that are wizards in LinkedIn lead generation. Whether it’s data collection, connecting, InMail sending or engaging with your prospects, we’ve got you covered!

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways of engaging with your audience and generating new leads. We have teams trained on the most effective ways of data collection and email marketing!

Candidate Generation

If you’re in recruitment, why not build a remote team that can be working to reach out and engage with candidates? Let your remote team qualify the candidates and add them to your database ready to be placed!

Job Board Extraction

In most industries, there are public available websites and databases showing you which of your prospects are currently looking for your services. Our remote teams can work to be reviewing and extracting data from these sources everyday!

Remote Resource

Remote Resource is a company focused on helping UK, US and European businesses expand their teams with remote workers all over the world!

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