Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you commercialise your offering?

We have many different ways of commercialising what we do. If you want to simply employ someone for your business, we can charge you a one-off fixed fee to source the right person for you. Alternatively, if you wanted to take on a contractor for 6-months, we can charge you a fixed day rate for that person. We also have a very large network of Freelancers that can be charged out as a one-off project cost to complete a specific task or project for you.

Where can you find us resource?

Remote Resource has worked hard to build a huge network of resource and partners all over the world. Some of the main places that we have placed resource from are:

1. India

2. Philippines

3. Poland

4. Ukraine

5. Argentina

We have, however, placed people from Australia, America, New Zealand, Singapore and many more countries.


Do you manage the remote team for us?

Yes, we certainly can. Some customers simply want to recruit a team of remote workers and manage them as employees. Other customers use us to manage the remote resource and the projects they are working on. We can offer multiple solutions that fit your needs.

Can you also help us find resource in the UK?

Absolutely. Remote workers don’t need to be out of your home country. The pandemic has shown us that remote working is likely to be the new norm so wherever you want to recruit, we can certainly help.

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Remote Resource is a company focused on helping UK, US and European businesses expand their teams with remote workers all over the world!

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